About BioBuilderClub

Reconnect with the fun of learning by doing! The BioBuilderClub increases public access to authentic tools and approaches for engineering biology. Biodesign teams all over the country work at their own schools to upend the status quo. They develop deeply valued projects that address personally meaningful challenges. Want to detect copper in waterways? Want to make cake frosting glow? Explore your ideas In partnership with practicing scientists and engineers in academia, government and industry.

students looking at petri dish

Beyond increasing STEM learning and access, the BioBuilderClub features:

  • An academic year time table, starting in October and wrapping up in March
  • A flexible program that can accommodate small or large teams
  • An inexpensive opportunity for teacher and student professional development
  • Ongoing support and meetings convened by the BioBuilder Educational Foundation
  • A nationally recognized platform to exhibit projects at any stage of completion, from pitch to prototype

Engineer your idea to life!